Monday, October 27, 2014

Black Men with White Women - An Alternative Theory

Why is it that most Black/White interracial relationships are between Black men and White women, rather than Black women and White men? Popular theories:

Black men just "date out" more in general.

Black men want White women because they're easy going and submissive.

Black women don't find White men attractive.

Black women look at White men and think of slave owners.

White men don't find Black women attractive.

White men are intimidated by Black women.

While there isn't one simple explanation, there is a more basic political dynamic that gets overlooked: Sexism, not just racism, changes dating dynamics. 

When a Black man encounters racism in his White girlfriend or wife, he might find himself excusing her behavior by reminding himself that he still holds a large political advantage over her: men are still valued over women, regardless of "race". She can be as racist as she pleases toward a Black man, and he - like any man from any ethnic group - can retaliate with some expression of sexism toward her, possibly to include physical dominance or violence. ...

"You might be White but I'm in charge because I'm a man," might be the sexist attitude he uses to dismiss or excuse her racism or race privilege, and justify staying with her. Some men will reason that a woman's comments or opinions aren't that important anyway; nothing to take too seriously. She's just talking out of her ass again.

Not so with WM/BW pairings. Black women will have to deal with two political banes: White men with their White privilege and racist tendencies, plus their male privilege and sexism. And that may be one of the main reasons a lot of Black women choose to stick with Black men. 


Cris Mic said...

This is very interesting article!! I liked this article on white men black women datings. I think dear you had spent lot of time to collecting evidences. Can you send me some images of white men and Black women married couples? I really support Black women who are dating!

Jay Walker said...

Thanks for your feedback Cris Mic. You can go to "google search" and type in words like "Black women with White men" and some images of those couples should quickly pop up.